CTO – Cofounder Position

Location for this Position:
California (ideally Orange County, preferably Southern CA,  Bay area accepted).



Join us as CTO and collaborate with other founding members including the CEO and the Chief Software Architect. Set your mark by taking our HTML5 platform to fruition.

You’ll be our US based technical visionary with the autonomy to hire your own team over time, working in collaboration with our chief software architect, based in Europe, and our CEO based in California, and supported by our development team. CEO has a track record of successful fund raising totaling $17M, and has previously grown businesses from ground up to $27M, and the CSO has built award winning software products.

In the initial phase, you’ll help finishing the new platform (ie: coding and setting up the infrastructure), interact with the beta customers to improve the product, then launch it and support large virtual events, assist the CEO in the fund raising process, before expanding the team and the platform.

Significant Equity only during the initial phase of finishing the platform and signing successful customers and events.  Salary will come as soon as next round of funding is closed. We’re in this together.


Altadyn provides SaaS solutions for 3D Virtual Events, Conferencing, Online Meetings , Virtual Tradeshows, 3D Live chat and Virtual Worlds. 3D events are more engaging, more visual and closer to real events. They increase the level of engagement of the audience, reduce the necessity for real events, thus reducing the costs and saving time.

An award winning and a recognized technological leader, the company’s CEO was recently elected “Virtual World Person of the Year”.
Altadyn has already delivered value to major customers including US Air Force, Dell Computers, AVON, Campbell’s, Crawford, and many universities including NDU , ODU, TTU, SJU.  Altadyn is present in Irvine, CA and Paris, France.


Skills & Experience
4+ years degree from top ranked university

5 to 10 years or more of software development as a professional experience

Technical leadership skills and experience. People Management
Broad  expertise

HTML5 / JQuery / CSS3 / PHP

Mobile , iOS / Android

LAMP Server setup and administration experience

Social Media integration

Integration with one or more best-of-breed MVC frameworks and third-party plugins (Zend, CodeIgniter, YII, Ruby, Joomla, WordPress)

Database  design, SQL

Object  Oriented and MVC frameworks

One or several among: AMAZON EC2, SalesForce, Heroku, Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure

A can-do and go-find-the solution attitude.

Passionate about user experience excellence and customer development means you find the bugs before the customer does.


Nice to have: Experience in B2B / Startup Experience


Contact: contact2 (AT) altadyn (DOT) com


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