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Developers, Welcome !

Altadyn’s 3D web engine is the the first and the only browser-based fully immersive 3D engine which is avatar based and runs with no download required of any proprietary software.

Requiring only Java which is pre-installed widely on most windows and Mac computers, Altadyn’s technology makes sophisticated 3D real time applications accessible to all.

With this patent pending platform, creative developers can now combine the growing content in social media with amazing features provided in 3D real time such as social movie watching (watching movies with friends ), or social photo viewing (like watching holiday photos with friends and family ), together with voice, chat and video.




3D Casual games with no download required are another area where developers will enjoy an accessible browser-based platform with powerful features. With the release of the Altadyn API, we are providing developers with a free tool enabling them to develop sophisticated apps, games, products or services like those developed by Altadyn, namely and They are even being offered free source code of a Facebook app, “My Loft” as a basis for further developments. “My Loft” is a sample facebook app where facebookers can build their homes, customize them and invite friends for hangouts, voice talking, chatting, watching movies together, listening to music together and viewing holiday pics together.


My Loft, a Facebook app powered by Altadyn

My Loft, a Facebook app powered by Altadyn

Examples of apps which can be developed with Altadyn’s API (Application Programming Interface) platform:

Social Media, Social Entertainment

  • A Facebook App where you create and customize your virtual home and invite friends to mingle, chat, talk
  • A Facebook App where you sit down with friends in your virtual home cinema room and watch a movie together , in real time
  • A Facebook App where you sit down with friends in your virtual home and review vacation pics together, in real time
  • All the above apply equally to Google+ and any other social network

Social Collaboration

  • A LinkedIn app with a virtual office, for meetings, presentations, demos, sales calls, …
  • A LinkedIn app with a virtual show room to exhibit your company’s products and engage with customers…
  • Integrate a 3D lobby in your company profile on Linkedin, let your visitors walk into your lobby and have your sales engage with them,
  • All the above apply equally to Google+ and any other social network

Enterprise apps, Virtual Meetings, Conferences, Exhibitions

  • 3D web conferencing
  • 3D online meeting
  • Virtual trade shows
  • 3D virtual offices and collaboration spaces

E-Learning, Human Resources Applications

  • Virtual Classroom
  • On-boarding for new hires
  • Corporate Training

Virtual Configurators and Planners

  • 3D car configurator showing options and colors live online, letting to test drive virtually
  • 3D kitchen planner, with exact dimensions and bill of materials
  • 3D house planner for builders
  • Custom apparel design and sales with virtual fitting room

3D Object Viewer

  • CAD model viewer
  • e-commerce item 3D viewer

CAD, PLM and ERP applications

  • Browser-based , Synchronous collaboration app in a 3D space for design review of 3D parts and assemblies
  • Architecture AEC , BIM : Browser-based , Synchronous collaboration app in a work-in-progress building with walk through and virtual visit
  • Applications can be a CAD module, a PDM module or a PLM/ERP module

Virtual Visit

  • Virtual Tourism: tours of archaeological sites, museums, art galleries,
  • 3D showrooms


Some of the features available in the Altadyn 3D engine include:

  • Voice: Seamless Integrated Voice over IP (VoIP) in the 3D space for all participants.
  • Chat: Global chat for all participants or private chat for 2 or more persons
  • Desktop Sharing: Share your screen with others and project it over a 3D screen visible to all, real-time and synchronously.
  • Show on screen: pre-loaded pictures, slides, documents, videos, RSS feed, Twitter feed, for real-time synchronous visualization
  • Manipulate 3D Objects : import your 3D objects (COLLADA, 3DS), and let users rotate/move/scale them in real-time and synchronously
  • Laser pointer: show spots on slides, pictures, objects to others
  • Auto-animated objects, or user-triggered animations: import your animated objects
  • Basic physics: collision detection among objects and avatars
  • Multi-Functional Avatars: create, customize and animate your own avatars(walking, running, hand-shaking, laughing, etc -) or use existing avatars.
  • Import your own 3D Buildings or use our library: Import 3D models from any modeling tool (3DS Max, Google Sketchup, Maya, Solidworks, Catia, Pro-ENGINEER, Inventor,….) through COLLADA or 3DS
  • Import your own 3D furniture or use our library: Import 3D objects from Google 3D warehouse or other online

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