3D Webinar: Developers Platform Presentation

Every Tuesday

8 am Pacific Time / 11 am Eastern Time


Join us in the 3D Webinar,

Meet Darius Lahoutifard, CEO

Guillaume Lurenbaum, Founder/CTO,

and learn more about the Altadyn API, what you can do with it and how.

3D WEbinar

  • Creating a 3D app or a 3D casual game for Facebook.
  • Creating a 3D social collaboration app for other social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+,…
  • Integrating a 3D immersive collaboration module into a larger Virtual Events platform
  • Integrating a 3D immersive module for Design Review and Synchronous collaboration into a PLM platform
  • Other custom 3D web applications

No downloads or installations required to attend.


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Presentation Plan:

  • Altadyn Background
  • Why 3D?
  • 3D Virtual Events
  • Technology & Features of the Engine
  • API Overview
  • A typical architecture
  • Development Platform Components
  • Developers portal for account management
  • Interactive 3D Studio for asset creation and customization
  • 3D web player
  • Steps for a successful app development
  • Case study: My Loft
  • Getting started



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