Virtual Worlds No-Download

Virtual Worlds no download Virtual Worlds no download

3DXplorer®: The first and the only browser-based, virtual world platform with no download required.

3DXplorer® provides a download-free, virtual world platform for designing interactive 3D spaces such as 3D rooms and virtual worlds populated with 3D objects. Web visitors can meet, collaborate, talk, chat, walk, visualize objects and interact as easily as they navigate through HTML pages, but in a 3D immersive mode. Targeted to a wide range of users including teachers, learners, marketers,event managers, employees, creators, web designers, webmasters, application developers and more. 3DXplorer® enables creating 3D content which can be visited using a simple web browser, with no download required. 


Altadyn® offers the download-free virtual world  for free to all creators for prototyping and testing purposes during the creation and design phases. Users must have a subscription to make the virtual world live.The main components of the 3DXplorer® platform for virtual worlds with no download,: 


  • 3DXplorer® Studio
  • 3DXplorer® Avatar Configurator
  • 3DXplorer® player

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