Government & Defense

Easily-Accessible, Scalable, Secure: A New Kind of 3D Technology for Your Organization

Altadyn®‘s™ provides an immersive and interactive 3D Online platform that can be deployed without client installations, software downloads or plug-ins. As a result,™ is a unique customizable 3D solution that specifically works effectively within the confines of very legitimate but strict government and defense sector IT policies. Any specialized virtual environment can be rapidly developed and deployed to personnel without a need for end-users to hassle with software installations, network restrictions or firewall issues. In many cases this will be the only way for government and defense organizations to leverage 3D technology solutions.

From Development to Deployment: Unique Requirements Demand a Unique Understanding

Government and defense organizations have very unique project requirements. Using™ allows you to leverage our dual SaaS/Enterprise model to progress smoothly from testing a proof-of-concept to integrating a secured solution. The SaaS edition is truly Web-native and allows for quick cost-effective conceptualizing and testing; the Enterprise edition can be installed behind firewalls for full security and scalability. Whether you require a rapidly-deployed virtual conferencing tool, a versatile virtual events tool, or even a highly-customized simulations and training tool,™ is your solution.™ Solves Many Unique Government & Defense Sector Challenges:

  • Deploy 3D virtual conferences, training, simulations etc., without a need to download any client software prior to accessing—the only solution for use within strict IT environments.
  • Leverage the dual SaaS/Enterprise model to quickly build and test a proof-of-concept, and then move matured projects inside firewalls to eliminate security risks.
  • Replicate equipment, computers, machinery, aircraft and more to effectively execute remote technical training (remember that you’re able to create much more than a room).
  • Build field locations, weapons, specialty vehicles and more to simulate and rehearse emergency, battle and other dangerous operations within safe immersive environments.
  • Create foreign locations for realistic cultural and language training.
  • Build specialized venues to efficiently conduct nation-wide onBoarding for government and military personnel.
  • Host engaging job fairs to educate and recruit next-generation personnel.

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