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Web Developers: Partner With Us And Stand Out From The Crowd By Being One Of The First To Offer Immersive Web-Native 3D Solutions

Altadyn®‘s Developers Platform is the first immersive and interactive 3D Online platform that can be developed and accessed without downloads or plug-ins. Use it the to differentiate yourself, develop new Online applications and reach a wider audience. Partner with us to develop engaging 3D Online solutions that were never before possible—do so and create more business for yourself. There are no software development associated costs as Altadyn®’s Developers Platform is free and offers an additional free authoring studio, player and avatar configurator. Altadyn®’s Developers Platform is user-friendly—for designers, developers, providers and site visitors.

WEB DEVELOPERS: Create New Compelling Online Applications

As a Web Developer, you can now leverage interactive Online 3D while remaining within a familiar Web-native development environment. Use Javascript, PHP and HTML to develop innovative Web applications that engage and produce results. Use Altadyn®’s Developers Platform and scripting languages you already know to offer customers more than what your competition can.

Develop Innovative 3D Applications:

  • 3D Social Collaboration and Social Networking Applications
  • Enterprise Gamified Applications
  • Online Casual & Promotional Games
  • Interactive 3D Product Viewers. PLM/CAD Live Synchronous Project Review
  • Promotional Ad Campaign Solutions In 3D
  • Online Shopping Configurators (ifor example, envision a shopper being able to build a dream kitchen in 3D, and to interact with a sales representative while doing so)

Unique 3D-VirtualEvents.com Features & Capabilites:

  • Develop & Launch Without Any Plug-Ins Or Downloads, Making Immersive 3D Accessible To All For The First Time Ever
  • Multiple Visitors And/Or Site Representatives Can Share Desktops & Applications At The Same Time For True Collaboration
  • Customizable Interactive Avatars Are Equipped With Functional Laser Pointers & Animations Such As Walking, Hand-Shaking, Laughing, Etc.
  • Integrated Instant Messaging & VOIP Make Communicating Easy
  • Integrated Reporting Gathers Valuable Metrics
  • Create Or Replicate Any Environment Or Object
  • Collada & 3DS Compatible
  • Free Authoring Studio, Player & Avatar Configurator




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