System Requirements

For Business Hangouts™ please check specifics here: for our 3D products, we strive to use only full web standard technologies and emphasize maximizing the capacity of basic hardware. We use hardware acceleration capacities of your graphics card, so the quality of animations and visualization will depend on graphics card performance. Despite that, Altadyn® offers high quality of rendering on basic office computers running any Windows, Mac or Linux operating system and using any MS-Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari navigator.   The Altadyn® platform is all hosted by Altadyn® (SaaS), so neither the content creators nor the end-user visitors have to worry about updating new releases.

Required System for Altadyn® 3D Studio as well as the player is:

  • Internet Connection: Cable or DSL. Minimum bandwidth depends on the usage. See below.
  • Operating System: - Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Seven, both 32-bit and 64-bit – Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher, – Linux Operating System: A reasonably modern environment..
  • Browser: - Internet Explorer 32-bit (64-bit version not supported) – Chrome (Not supported on Mac OS) – Firefox (Only version 3.6.x is supported on Mac OS. You can download it for free here: or here.) – Safari (Not supported) – Any other browser supporting Java  Since early 2011, new releases of browsers are seen almost every month. As an example, Firefox moved from release 3 to 6 in just 6 months… Altadyn® is not supporting 64-bit browsers. This is not an issue on Windows as most browsers are 32-bit even on a 64-bit computer. However this is an issue on Mac where the only solution is to download a previous release of Firefox. Future releases will support 64 bit browsers, as soon as more stable browser releases are available.
  • Java runtime : 1.5( some versions of 3DX as per site owner’s decision) or 1.6 if not installed download it here for free : -Computer Processor: 800 MHz Pentium III or Athlon, or higher -Computer Memory: 512 MB or higher -Video/Graphics Card : basic cards work fine (but higher performance better results).

The following is a list of the minimum bandwidth requirements for Altadyn® 3D products & applications:

  • When Loading The Scene – 1000 kbps for reasonably fast loading (this bandwidth is only required once during each session, and that is when avatars are entering the scene at load-time—based on 10 high res avatars or 100 low res avatars)
  • Once Scene Has Loaded - 150 kbps (based on 10 avatars walking around and chatting within the scene)
  • When Sharing A Desktop, At Peak (Partial-Screen Sharing Mode) - 160 kbps to RECEIVE; add 360 kbps to SEND or EMIT (based on typical 640×480 partial screen sharing resolution)
  • When Sharing A Desktop, At Peak (Full-Screen Sharing Mode) - 800 kbps to RECEIVE; add 1800 kbps to SEND or EMIT (based on typical 1600×1000 full screen sharing resolution)
  • General Minimum Bandwidth Recommendations - 1 Meg (1mbps)  for  visitors of a 3D space for walk through - 2 Meg (2mbps)  for  visitors of a 3D space with less than 20 avatars - 3 Meg (3mbps)  for  attendees of larger 3D Expo Halls  with no live desktop sharing - 4 Meg (4mbps)  for  attendees of  a conference with desktop sharing - 5 Meg (5mbps)  for  presenters of  a conference with desktop sharing

Trouble Shooting:

It is generally highly recommended to start the Altadyn® application in a new browser after having closed all open browsers, and preferably other unnecessary applications which  heavily require memory or network bandwidth.

  • I have never been able to enter any Altadyn® space, maybe I don’t have a clean Java installation: – Reinstall java, from In some cases it’s recommended to uninstall all existing versions of Java before installing a fresh one, as the installation may have been altered by third part applications. – Make sure your antivirus allows network access to Java. At Java applet startup, usually you are prompted to decide if the anti-virus should allow access to Java, select “Always”.
  • OR :  I have just a white screen and nothing happens, don’t see anything loading. – Reinstall java, from
  • Java is deactivated on my browser, or the security settings of my browser does not allow me to use Java applets: – Activate java on your browser. See how to  do that  here:
  • I’m using Safari on Mac, can’t use Altadyn® products: - The recommended browser on Mac is Firefox (Only version 3.6.x is supported on Mac OS. You can download it for free here: or here.).
  • I have loaded the 3D space, and I see the room, but can’t log in with my avatar, don’t see the login popup: - This can only happen in older versions of 3DXplorer imposed by the space owner. Try clicking on the upper right corner “Click here to login”. If you can’t, then refresh your browser (F5 on a PC) or restart your browser and while the space loads, stay with the main window.
  • It worked fine for a while, but now I’m disconnected, or I have a grey screen saying “Something appears to be wrong with your Internet connection.” or “You got disconnected”…but i still see the 3D scene. - Well, this is due to a network issue between the client and the server. Just refresh your browser page (F5 on windows) and reconnect.
  • It worked fine for a while, but I don’t see some avatars. Or some avatars are missing textures. - Close all open browsers and re-enter the space.
  • I try to move my avatar with arrows, but it does not move. - Click inside the 3D window, to activate it, and repress on the arrows.
  • I got stuck among a set of chairs, can’t get out: - Press on the space bar which will take you back to the entrance point.

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