Altadyn®’s patent pending technology makes high end 3D immersive spaces for collaboration accessible to users with mainstream computers, even in enterprise environments. While similar technologies require heavy downloads and proprietary software downloads and installations, Altadyn®‘s technology runs in current browsers on typical office computers and only requires Java, the largely installed open source component. Elements of Altadyn®‘s disruptive technology which are included in a less than 1MB java binary applet, which loads seamless as the user clicks on a hyperlink include:


  • A fully immersive 3D engine with physics capabilities,
  • Real time rendering using hardware accelerators based on JOGL, JOGL2, LWJGL, … technologies
  • Customized avatars able to walk, sit, talk, raise hands, manipulate objects, point objects or screen with laser pointers, and more
  • Open architecture enabling import of 3D objects and 3D spaces from external formats
  • Open API enabling developments in Java, Javascript, HTML5, …
  • Integrated in world Video streaming and Audio,
  • Integrated Voice/IP
  • Integrated Instant Messaging, moderated, private or public
  • Desktop sharing
  • Remote control
  • Synchronized 3D object manipulations: rotation, translation, scaling.

The new architecture  :


  • Is cloud based, enabling scalable deployments
  • Is distributed, with local rendering, and server based event synchronization
  • Enables various configurations from full SaaS where all permanent data, temporary data and applications are hosted to full in premises where everything runs on customer’s servers, with all intermediate combinations.
  • Enables easy mobile deployment on Android or other advanced, open mobile platforms


Applications include:


  • Altadyn’s Developers Platform
  • Virtual Conferences and Virtual Tradeshows as offered through the service.
  • Collaborative Meetings for projects requiring synchronous collaboration, design review, process review,
  • Virtual Classrooms, and Corporate gatherings (kick offs, trainings, onboard meetings, etc…) as offered through the service
  • Product Presentations and Product trainings as offered through the service
  • Live 3D chats on website for sales or support
  • 3D virtual worlds for communities
  • 3D spaces on websites for permanent show rooms and exhibition halls


More specifically,™, is the first self service and instantly ready platform which enables virtual conferences and virtual trade shows with hundreds of attendees in a full 3D immersive space.

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