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John Feeney, Cognitive Scientist, Aptima

Altadyn is fantastic to work with. Across many projects we’ve used their exceptional technology. Their products were only surpassed by collaborative energies.


Khazret Sapenov, Chairman, Cloudcor Inc.

Altadyn’s platform helped our conference to introduce new products this year, 3D virtual exhibition and networking lounge, adding more business value for both exhibitors and attendees.




Lionel Bochurberg, Attorney at Law, Paris and California Bars

Altadyn has developed a very cool virtual technology, that I have been using for my virtual law firm.

Tom Wunderlich, Director of IT, Career Management Center, Old Dominion University

Excellent Vendor to work with.

Old Dominion

Kaveh Razin, VP of Information Technology, Bank of America (NYSE:BAC)

Darius is a true visionary, entrepreneur and leader in this field. A very true and genuine person with an incredible product! Best of Luck!

Bank of America

Dave Greenfield, Blogger, ZDNet

“Fat is out and thin is in. 3DXplorer is the only web3D platform that’s entirely browser-based; there’s no software to install. 3DXplorer simplifies 3D on the web for everyone.”

ST Analytics

Erica Driver, Former Principal Analyst, Forrester Research.

The Immersive Internet takes the Web to a new level of interactivity, with virtual worlds, immersive learning simulations, and immersive workspaces, Innovators across industries are starting to experiment in virtual environments to find new ways for people to network and meet, share information and collaborate, teach and learn, rehearse work activities, and even manage facilities and systems. A browser-based virtual world platform enables people to quickly and easily experience a 3D, multiuser, immersive environment. They don’t have to worry about downloading a client and keeping it updated – they just visit a URL, download a quick Java applet, and they’re in.

Dave Elchoness, Executive Director, Association of Virtual Worlds

3DXplorer continues to make great strides as a pioneer in 3D virtuality on the web. Its no-download, no-software installation approach was an outstanding addition to the virtual worlds landscape when 3Dxplorer first launched. Today, 3Dxplorer’s integration with real learning and workplace tools that anyone can use and enjoy, delivers an experience that clearly surpasses commonly used 2D software. It’s because of this combination of innovation and practicality that I employed 3Dxplorer to create GoWeb3D’s award winning solutions in the US and India and highly recommend 3Dxplorer to my clients.

Association of Virtual Worlds

Jean-Charles Hourcade, Former CTO & SEVP of Technicolor (NYSE: TCH)

The 3DXplorer technology is absolutely fascinating. The strength is clearly the extreme ease of use, with no heavy client software installation, nor any computer reconfiguration needed, just with an easy simple fluid and efficient user interface.


Patrick Lamar, Manager, Training & Education Division, Cubic Applications (NYSE: CUB)

One of the cases we use 3DXplorer for, is to interact and collaborate with remote offices. The benefits are saving time and cost, as it eliminates the need to travel, and enables real time coordination over long distances. Since using this system, we have not seen any degradation in the quality of work being developed.


Bernard Fort, CEO, Tennaxia

In a competitive market like the one we see now, it’s very important to differentiate ourselves and be “close” to our customers. Delivering our software demos in a 3D room is interesting as we can be close to our customers while controlling our costs. Also the fact that we don’t need anything else than JAVA is clearly an advantage.


Kara Orvis, Principal Scientist, Aptima

The technology is cool, flexible, and practical.


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