“My business success is based on the way I am able to “connect” with my audience all over the world.  With Business Hangouts I am able to maximize my time and still let my followers feel a sense of personal connection. It’s simple,  flexible and down right “sexy” technology.”
Tony Lucero, A motivational speaker and trainer and one of the Co Founding members of the world's #1 health and wellness platform, the Body By Vi Challenge.
“Business Hangouts is great! You know, this is going to sound silly, but simply having your landing page “Business Hangouts” and being able to launch right into a conference WITHOUT going through the “Splashy” Google Plus page is one of the best features for us.  The “Bosses” felt that Google+ was just too cluttered and goofy to take it seriously as a business tool.  Just cleaning up the interface gets us a lot further along the line.  We are mainly going to be using this for internal video conferences, but if it works well I am tempted to try some live web events and see how that goes. We had about abandoned G+ Hangouts for business use but thanks to your tool I think we’re back on the wagon.  Goodbye expensive GoToMeeting subscription!”
Fred Greenhalgh, Digital Marketing Manager @ ReVision Energy, Portland ME
“For my first experience with Business Hangouts, I joined a conference just using my android smartphone. With a simple 3G connection, both the audio and video worked smoothly, as well as the connections with the other participants. I am starting to plan and schedule my own business hangouts already.”
Paul Seguin, Strategic Planner at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Washington DC.
“One of the key values that Business Hangouts brings to the Google+ Hangout world is in the area of Interaction. Hangouts by themselves are fantastic when it comes to audience and presenter interactive capabilities. Business Hangouts clearly takes that to an even greater level. The ability for viewers to interact with participants in the Unified Chat is not just amazing, but ‘required’ once you see it working! Using the Registration/Planned Event model like Business Hangouts does allow for even greater types of interaction than Google’s tool is capable of on its own.”
Ronnie Bincer, Google Hangouts expert and consultant
“I really like Business Hangouts, it’s simplified recording of my regularly scheduled meetings and presentations. ”
Jason Coutu, CTO, Vendasta Technologies Inc.
“Business-hangouts is a highly interactive platform for both webinars and online meetings and I highly recommend them. www.projektledelsen.dk
Lise Halskov, Owner, PROJECTledelsen.dk
“Good stuff. This app provides additional useful features for Hangout moderators. Business Hangouts features continue to improve. “
Bern Rexer, Executive Producer at MXPI Live Streaming Media, Webcast, Corporate Communication & Television Production
“Great Product! by a great company. Try it I am sure you will like its ease of use and yet very powerful features. In my books a must have.”
Tedd Nipper, President, NexGenEx