Verification Of QUALITY VALUE Transactions (investments/deposits/expenditure) Of Persons Who AREN’T Assessed To TAX

2. Addressees will be required to furnish their Skillet if they have one already or apply for PAN to NSDL/UTIISL if they don’t have one immediately. They will also be required to clarify the source of the high value investments/deposits/expenditure, and whether they are accounted for/explained in the income tax comeback submitted by them properly. 3. In some cases, the taxes officials may also visit the premises of the quality value traders/depositors/spenders. In such instances, the taxpayer should verify the identity of the tax official before furnishing information in the prescribed proforma. In case of any grievance or issue, the taxpayer may contact the Assessing Officer or the Additional/Joint Commissioner or the Commissioner concerned.

The visiting taxes official is required to furnish calling amounts of his supervisory officers. 4. You can find penal implications of not obtaining PAN or confirming it. For not paying proper taxes, there may be a penalty up to 300% of the unpaid taxes, and prosecution in some instances also. Sub: Verification of financial transaction – obtain information – reg. 1. The Income-tax Department is in possession of information which you have got into financial transaction(s), according to details listed below, without quoting your Permanent Account Number (PAN).

Please, remember that the transaction(s) are protected under Rules 114B to 114D of TAX Rules, 1962 read with section 139A(5) of the Income-tax Act, 1961 where quoting of PAN is necessary. 2. You are requested to provide your reply within 15 days in the enclosed proforma and enclose a legible self-attested photo-copy of the PAN card.

In case you do not have a PAN, you may make an application for the same at the authorized service center of NSDL/UTIISL and provide a copy of the acknowledgement along-with reply to this notice. As so when PAN is allotted, you might send a legible self-attested photo-copy of the PAN card to this office. You may also search the internet for these details.

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5. This information is requisitioned u/s section 133(6) of the Income-tax Act, 1961 with the approval of Commissioner/Director of Income Tax. You might, however, reply by signed up/speed post or hand-deliver your answer this office. In response to your letter Ref. My PAN No. Is . I’ve paid total income tax of Rs. I am not assessable to taxes. Details of resources from which the above-mentioned investment/deposit/expenditure is made are enclosed.

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