Itchy Skin Without Rash Causes And Senile Pruritus In The Elderly

Itchiness of the skin may at times occur without a rash. It could happen to anybody of any age however when it occurs in the elderly and is commonly persistent, it is recognized as senile pruritus then. Itching can be extreme to cause significant discomfort to a person enough, affect sleep and impact on the psychological state of the sufferer. In the elderly you have the added risk that continuous scratching can damage your skin and lead to secondary skin infections. Understanding the type of senile pruritus and other notable causes of skin itchiness is important in controlling it properly and improving the quality of life for older people sufferer.

There is no known cause for senile pruritus. In fact a diagnosis of senile pruritus should only be made once other possible causes of itchy skin without a rash has been excluded. Age-related changes in your skin especially drying of your skin is one of the best causes but despite having good skin care and the use of emollients (barrier creams), itching will persist in senile pruritus.

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The other factor is the overall health status of the person and daily diet, both which are affected to some extent with advancing age. Skin health entails personal cleanliness and good skin care. In relation to hygiene, it is sometimes a consequence of infrequent bathing but can be caused by overzealous cleaning equally. Bathing too frequently, scrubbing your skin with coarse bathing accessories and using strongly scented and antiseptic soaps all contributes to an itchy skin. Not utilizing a sunscreen when outside and inadequate or infrequent moisturizing particularly in harsh environmental conditions – hot and strong sunlight, cold and dry climates. Another significant cause of skin itching with out a rash is really as a side-effect of using certain medication.

This is recognized as an iatrogenic cause. The elderly are more likely to have certain persistent diseases and are therefore much more likely to be using chronic medication and combos of drugs simultaneously. Itchy skin is one of the most common side effects of most drugs. Sometimes the medication interaction of several drugs causes symptoms such as itchy skin that are not well documented for every drug alone.

It is difficult to isolate specific drugs that may cause itchy skin because of the prevalence of the side effect or likelihood of drug interaction. It really is known that pain relievers, aspirin, antibiotics and antifungal drugs are more likely to cause itchy pores and skin. There is some proof that even certain natural supplements are likely causes.

Various pores and skin diseases can affect the elderly or may be chronic and have started previously in life. These skin diseases might go through phases where there is no skin rash present. However, itchiness of your skin can be continuous and severe even. Eventually a pores and skin rash erupts and may resolve again with or without treatment then. It is therefore important for the elderly to see their doctor of their previous history of skin diseases especially conditions such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, and known drug allergies that caused skin symptoms on previous occasions.

Systemic causes identifies diseases that influence a number of organs in the torso or even the whole body and is not specific to your skin. Psychogenic itchiness is the word for psychological factors behind an itchy epidermis. It is sometimes just dreamed while at other times it is associated with mental health disorders such as major depression and dementia.

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