Cynthia Rowley Delivers Retro-inspired Fall Collection

Cynthia Rowley’s eponymous lifestyle brand is built on the school of thought that fashion should be an experience. And that’s exactly what the American developer delivered on her behalf fall 2019 collection shown during NY Fashion Week. Unlike last season’s catwalk that was set up such as a roller skating rink, this season’s display was a bit more traditional held at the London Terrace Towers in Chelsea, but with a twist: a swimming pool! A little play never hurt anyone! Share For the West Village-based designer’s return to the catwalk, her fall/winter collection was a seasonless mix with a retro vibe.

Rooted in the ’70s, we saw beautiful cover dresses, ombre silk and knit separates, kitschy-yet-chic fruit prints and wide lower leg pants with sheen. The brand’s signature pretty-meets-sporty variety was present in the form of puffer jackets and jogger-style bottoms. While more formal parts were accented by oversize and feathers bows. Sunlight is always rising and always setting somewhere in the world so a wetsuit or a light pretty dress is practical, throw a fluffy parka over it just,’ said Cynthia.

It’s a blizzard during NYFW and 100 levels in Australia. It’s time that people start considering months from a global all-inclusive perspective. Cynthia debuted her own shoes in the show, including metallic platform ankle straps and heeled sandals with floral printed bows. To complete the cool-girl appears, the models’ hair was styled in loose beach waves and parted down the center for your perfect undone done look.

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Bold metallic eyes makeup stood out against a neutral lip and cheek, created by award-winning celebrity make-up artist Marcello Costa with Dose of Colors. What I really like about Dose of Colors is that the product is super creamy and pigmented so that it looks exactly like it can in the bottle on the individuals face, so you know precisely what you are buying,’ said Marcello. Marcello and his team of artists used extreme mixing techniques with Dose of Colors Eyedeal Duo loose pigment and primer, Block Party solitary eyeshadows, Eyeliner, and Set The Tone cream matte eyeliner to attain the dramatic final look. No model’s face was face was au naturale , not the ones in the pool! Deemed the pioneer of ‘surf-leisure’ by Vogue, the collection wouldn’t be complete without some swim. For a fun, last walk, models jumped into the water wearing gentle pastel wetsuits.

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