A Private Portfolio

December was a very positive month set for my investments. About everything valued in value Just, savings were positive and I continued to enjoy the full local rental income from my properties. 1. During the month my positively handled money all gained. I am still holding losses on many of them.

2. My collateral ETFs all appreciated. 4. My commodity investments proceeded to go sideways. During December I opened a little position in the Lyxor Commodities ETF. 5. All my properties are all completely rented and the tenants are paying the lease promptly. I have both a positive cash flow and a surplus of income over expenses (which represent an increase in net worth).

6. Currency actions were favorable as the USD weakened against a number of currencies marginally. One portfolio investment was made close to the beginning of the month (Lyxor Commodities ETF). Unlike expectations, my income increased during the month but this is largely a timing difference and is not expected to be sustainable. My spending was high due to the family vacation (completely provided for).

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  • Deferred annuities offer an investor with a choice to postpone payment of income
  • Floating timber flooring – 15 years
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  • Hence, a minimal value of capitalization is known as favourable by an trader
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3 trillion in outstanding personal debt that funding essential infrastructure, along with some vanity tasks and speculative journeys, LGFVs have found it hard to service their existing money, aside from increase new money when loans fall due. Some fear they could go under. ‘There is no real way we can survive, and the strain on the ongoing company is huge,’ said an executive at a LGFV in Yanghou city… who spoke on condition of anonymity?

His company has several billion Yuan in debt raised to create roads and lay down pipes. ‘Our loans are due, and we can not repay them. 3 trillion, sparking speculation traders may shoulder the loss. 160bn) of the obligations to be swapped into local-government notes which have lower produces… China is seeking to rein in local-government borrowing while accelerating fiscal spending to guard a 7% financial growth focus on. May 13 – Bloomberg: “Senior Chinese authorities advisers are phoning for tighter supervision of peer-to-peer online lending after a ratings company warned 1,250 systems or more may go bankrupt or run into difficulty. May 11 – New York Times (Neil Gough): “China’s exports of steel are soaring.

But that’s not a good indication for the overall economy. China has more steel mills than it requires much, a problem compounded by the country’s shrinking housing market, the most voracious consumer of the steel. Domestic metal prices have collapsed. A large number of workers have been laid off as mills have scaled back or closed.

With scant demand at home, those mills still running a business have considered foreigners as customers of final resort. May 11 – New York Times (David D. Kirkpatrick): “The Islamic State has established greater than a foothold in this Mediterranean interface. Its fighters dominate the city center so thoroughly that a Libyan brigade sent to dislodge the group remains camped on the outskirts, visibly afraid to enter and allowing the extremists to come and go as they please.

‘ he said, trying to explain his delay more than 16 days following the brigade found its way to Surt. Nearly four years following the ouster of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, Libya’s warring cities, and towns have grown to be so entangled in internal conflicts over money and power they have opened a door for the Islamic State to expand into the country’s oil-rich deserts and sprawling coastline. May 11 – Bloomberg (Paula Sambo): “Aldemir Bendine never worked in the essential oil industry, but he already knew a lot about Petroleo Brasileiro SA before becoming its chief executive officer last month. That’s because he occupied the same post for years at Banco do Brasil SA.