A Vet’s Guide ALIVE

Please reason my crudeness but my ire is a little up right now. A audience posted a link on a comment about yesterday’s post which has ticked me off. She had her say already, but I felt the need to put in my two cents’ worthy of. Hey, it’s my blog. And what a bunch of hogwash!

In this informative article I’ll compare eight overpaid careers with eight underpaid jobs. None. I recognize that some careers need a certain level of training and education, while others are simply just the victims of supply and demand. While Personally i think that all the jobs on this list have merit, they simply represent — in my own humble opinion — jobs that are paid more or less than they may be worth given day-to-day responsibilities and duties.

Becoming a veterinarian takes years of education and training, and ensuring the ongoing health of man’s closest friend is a commendable career. 450 when my dog, Sunny, ate 3 lbs of coffee grounds and had to be hospitalized. Yet veterinarians, for the most part, work in clean, well-lit conditions with domesticated pets.

While they might be on demand emergencies, their hours are predictable and the pay is above average as well relatively. I call 100% BS on that one. She obviously does not have any idea about what continues on in a veterinary practice whatsoever. What about all the vets who work in the top animal industry that are out in the fields, chicken houses, barns, and pig pens? None of them of these are well-lit or clean.

Yeah, show that to us vets who have to stay late just because a last-minute crisis comes it unexpectedly. She says this in passing like it’s not a big deal. Tell that to the people of us who have had to wake up at 2am, toss on some clothes, hurry to the medical center, treat the crisis, and then be back again to work by 9am. “Pay is above average.”?

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Where in Hades is she getting that rationale? We’ve a salary turmoil in veterinary medicine where the debts burden is now so high that new vets are going to have trouble just making it through and paying back their loans. Vets have the highest debt-to-income proportion of any medical occupation in the US.

95k salary may appear great to most people, but a big chunk if that is repaying for the training used to get to that point merely. All of those other article is within an identical vein, and by the comments the author is equally off the mark on other professions. Salaries are based from many factors, including the price of doing business, the expense of education, the rarity and demand of the job and so on. That is one of the worst-written articles I believe I’ve ever read and filled with so many false assumptions and insufficient real knowledge. It’s sad that someone approved this increasing as apart from an individual blog.