EXACTLY WHAT IS A Strategic Partnership And HOW WILL YOU Make It Work In Business?

Very simply, a tactical partnership is any romantic relationship with another business or man or woman who can help your business. This is often a romantic relationship with a supplier or a customer, although if you ask me it is more likely to be another supplier to your own customer bottom. That’s it. There’s no requirement for formal documents, commission payment arrangements, or framework (although these can help), instead it can be two friends working together to help each other simply. You are probably carrying it out already without realising.

How do you make a proper partnership work? This is the magic question, and there is certainly nobody answer. Every potential mate has something else that they want from the deal. I’ve shown the common motivations below, but the order differs depending on who you are working with. There’s no real way of knowing what floats their sail boat until it is implemented and examined, and you’ll need to tweak your programs based on the performance of the set up. Also, while potential partners may claim that they aren’t motivated by referral fees, you might be amazed using what motivates them actually!

Reassurance that you won’t disappointed their customers. This is absolutely the basic requirement of any strategic partnership, and getting this wrong will wreck the partnership from day one. I’d estimate that 99 per cent of the potential or actual partners that I have spoken to would see this as a key requirement. Enhancement to the service that they already offer.

Financial reward on their behalf or their customers. Let’s be honest. Many potential partners choose a kickback or a referral fee. Others believe that it is unprofessional to receive referral fees. I’m not here to judge either way, just to comment that you need to most probably to all or any routes and therefore, look to build in a referral fee budget inside your pricing.

It might be that fee is donated to charity, or came back to the finish customer; either way, if this is done and consistently transparently, it can tick the ‘finance’ box. Reciprocal recommendations. Many partnerships are led by the notion of ‘reciprocal recommendations’, but this is a pipe dream for many partnerships unfortunately, of the good motives on both sides irrespective. The reality for many relationships is that it’ll be imbalanced towards one side, predicated on the ‘food chain’ (see later).

Why do strategic partnerships fail? Above we have explored the primary motivations of the collaboration, but all so often, they don’t work. The meals chain effect. A perfect example of this could be a relationship between a web developer and an SEO company. It might be very easy for an online developer to nourish work for an SEO company as it is likely that if the business have been trading online previously, the old website was not working in some way.

Also, the buyer will be exceptional high PV (conception of value) that we all experience at the start of a long-term romantic relationship with any supplier, and as such would be receptive to recommendations. On the flip side, an SEO company shall find this more challenging to reciprocate, as all their clients will have websites, and may be unwilling to purchase a redesign of something that has already been working.

Lack of action and relationship management. Like your interactions with your visitors Just, you need to make sure that you keep in touch with your strategic companions. I see partnerships focus on great intentions often, but the two celebrations don’t stay static in contact simply, leading them to just forget about whatever actions had been agreed.

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Make sure you create at least some framework to help prevent this! Insufficient true motivation. You really need to explore all possible motivations. What people say and what people mean is often two very different things. What you can do to minimise the probability of failure? First things – by scanning this article first, you’ve done more than 99 per cent of all businesses who get into a strategic relationship! Many enter these agreements completely blind, with no basic notion of what can fail. What amazes me however can be like an abusive relationship, both sides will keep going back to get more even though what hasn’t worked before has demonstrated that something must change! 5. Make sure you smash your part of the deal!

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