Weight Loss Surgery In India

Obesity has develop into a health concern globally. World Health Organization has estimated that by 2015, the number of people with obesity will attain by seven hundred million. Owing to a sedentary lifestyle and junk meals habits discovered amongst youth and children, increasingly more people are on the verge of becoming obese.

Weight Loss Surgery is the everlasting resolution to treat obesity. For those who have been following strict weight loss program plans, health regimes, or exercises, weight loss surgery is an effective solution to drop extra pounds. Weight Loss surgery works in two ways – mal-absorption or restriction. Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band surgical procedure – This is a less invasive process through which a small gastric pouch is created by gastric band. The procedure helps in limiting the number of meals that may be eaten and slows down the emptying course of from the stomach into intestines.

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The surgery thus makes one feel full sooner and longer due to the small pouch created by the surgical procedure. Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery – The surgery works by creating a small pouch with surgical staples or a plastic band at the top of the stomach. The stomach is then related to the center portion of the small intestine enabling meals to bypass small intestines. This process permits less calories to be absorbed and thus leads to effective weight loss. Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy – The surgical procedure removes the left facet of stomach such that the new stomach is roughly the size and form of banana. Sleeve Gastrectomy decreases the hunger and thus decreases the consumption of meals.

Intra-Gastric Ballooning – The procedure includes filling up of a big part of the stomach with an intra-gastric balloon. This decreases the capability of the stomach which ends up in an efficient weight loss. The surgical procedure is indicated for extraordinarily obese patients with BMI 50 or above. This modernized remedy is done in India at a fraction of the cost of comparable providers anywhere in the world. Mirage Healthcare gives you a no obligation, Free Facilitation service to get professional medical recommendation from the finest consultants in India. At Mirage Healthcare our focus is on tailoring our medical retreat packages to the precise needs of our purchasers.

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