Stabbed Husband David Edwards ‘Used Makeup TO COVER UP Injuries’

A solicitor who was stabbed by his new wife needed to use makeup to disguise accidents on his wedding day, a court has noticed. Sharon Edwards, 42, is charged with murdering David Edwards at their house in Chorley, Lancashire, in August. Pictures of Mr Edwards showed him with a black eye and burst lip, while his face was referred to as black and blue.

Mrs Edwards told Manchester Crown Court she has been “protective” of Mr. Edwards and the stab wound was accidental. Prosecutors said Mrs Edwards’ claim her husband experienced strolled into a kitchen blade was “fictional”. Mrs Edwards previously admitted holding the blade that wiped out him but denies deliberately pushing it into him. During cross evaluation, prosecutor Anne Whyte QC challenged Mrs Edwards’ version of occasions. Ms Whyte QC recommended to Ms Edwards she was “making it up as you are going along”. She said the accused fully valued “the supreme gravity of what happened”.

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