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I am. Psychologically, I am disconnected from buying into the market right now. Regardless of all the “hype”, the bull is drowning. Here are some of the headlines on Yahoo Business today: “An Improving Economy Means Republicans Need a ‘Plan B’ to Beat Obama”, “Goldman: Best Time in a Generation to get Stocks, Sell Bonds”, “Home sales show strength, prices rise”. Companies with a “vested interest” in your cash are applying pressure to cause you to PUT YOUR MONEY INTO THE MARKET.

After all, if the headline is appropriate: “Buffett Seizes Lead in Bet on Stocks Beating Hedge Funds”, then most of us need to empty our bank or investment company accounts and buy up those shares while these are cheap. Here is an appropriate headline for today’s market: “When Wall Street Is Bullish, Investor’s head for the Exits”.

The theme goes something like this: Most of Wall Street’s wildly bullish calls on stocks may be having just the contrary effect, traveling wary mom-and-pop traders from the market regardless of the long-standing rally. In the end, they’ve been down this street before: One big-name analyst after another advocate’s a buy, buy and buy some more strategy, and then see a bubble burst that ends up trapping-late-to-the-game specific investors.

10.7 billion into bond mutual funds, based on the Investment Company Institute. Quincy Krosby, key market strategist at Prudential Annuities in Newark, N.J. Wall Street is wanting to know how, regardless of their barrage of their mass media misinformation that the time for investment has never been brighter, the tiny buyer could STAY OUT OF THE MARKET possibly. How could the “little investor” possibly believe the STOCKGAME was RIGGED. After all, they have all their investments hedged and advanced algorithms to tell them when to run.

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As the “little investor” you merely have your knowledge to keep you from shedding 1/3 of your stock portfolio. Go to Hussman Funds and review their research for March 19th, 2012. Read everything carefully. Yeah, a bit boring, nevertheless, you need to be smart and understand all the free-market advice from MSN or Yahoo is provided by people who wish to get into your money and pillage your money. Dr. Hussman refers to “BOLLINGER BANDS”.

Go read up on the Bollinger Indicator so you can understand what the sign is showing on the graph. In a nutshell, the upper-music group is showing that a lot of stocks and shares are OVERSOLD. Which means that you are PAYING AN EXCESSIVE AMOUNT OF FOR ANY STOCK. This always shows a radical downturn in the near future.

Are you setting it up yet? Why try to risk a huge percentage of your stock portfolio on the market when it is most likely to turn downward? This is good good sense just. My take is that if we visit a significant downturn prior to the election, you could see the 6% to 12% gains in the fall.