Lost In Fitness

Yes, all of them are American, if you are in strength & fitness in in any case you almost certainly know who all these people are; most probably from the internet. Want some famous ones who aren’t American? How about Charles Poliquin & Christian Thibaudeau from Canada. How about some Russians – Verkhoshansky, Pavel Tsatsouline.

How about some physiotherapists/ physical therapists: Charlie Weingroff, Gray Cook, Bill Hartman, Shirley Sahrmann – all American. Think about some sports researchers. South Africa got Mel Siff and Tim Noakes. That’s right, South Africa got Mel Tim and Siff Noakes, and we got fuckin’ Matt Roberts. On the flip side, the USA has Traci Anderson, so they have their own cross to bear.

In the world of bodyworkers and manual therapists we fare somewhat better, as does Europe. The Europeans offered us Janda, Pavel Kolar, Ida Rolf, Feldenkrais (ok, he was from Israel, but they’re in the Eurovision Melody contest so that it matters), and we can muster Leon Chaitow as the British entry.

The Americans have Thomas Myers, who developed Anatomy Trains. There is a good chance you have heard about most of the above coaches’ cos they are on interwebz innit. And the majority of them got their first exposure via T-Nation. Of course, a few of them did it without the-nation, Paul Chek for example.

Charles Poliquin was well known before he appeared on t-nation, and Ross Enamait established fact for being freakin’ amazing. The other exception is Charlie Weingroff who keeps a distinctive position of being a previous NBA strength trainer, a powerlifter, a physical therapist and FMS genius; who grew a base of support because of his knowledge and experience. There is absolutely no British exact carbon copy of t-nation, and there is absolutely no British exact carbon copy of Charlie Weingroff either.

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Had you heard about Bret Contreras before he made an appearance on t-nation? No, me neither. He was a few man training people in his garage area who used to have a little personal training service and had an obsession with glue. You can blame American, ethnic hegemony, but half this business began training people in their garage, they’re not exactly the Disney company. Maybe it’s a British reticence to promote ourselves and market ourselves. Like Mike Boyle intimated Maybe, our best coaches are out there coaching people and do not have time for websites, personal promotion, and to sell products.

Come to think about it I cannot think of one strength & conditioning book, DVD, ebook, or e-product that I’ve purchased that was produced by a person who was British. It’s a sad state of affairs. Whatever you think of these Paul Chek & Charles Poliquin are popular if somewhat ‘eccentric’. A couple of years ago doing the Paul Chek qualification was extremely popular in the united kingdom, this is before Chek went completely ‘up river’. Then in recent years the Poliquin PICP became the qualification de jour, and Charles garnered packed audiences at the fit or conference. I’ve never done either course, I’m sure they have some quality content.