KBEAUTY @ TJ MAXX LA (Leaders & Face Shop)

OMG men theres boxes of Leaders sheet masks at Tj MAXX in Burbank, CA! My local TJ Maxx does not have a huge selection. The majority of my local store just has a little amount of the creme shop products (which I’m not complaining about because I love that brand even tho it’s not techinically korean). Mediterranean Chat is open up!

The options are numbered from still left to right. Select your face shape? Did you know that your face shape can greatly influence your recommended makeup style? Well, you know now! So, in order for us to accurately provide you with a makeup look, we’re going to need you to select your true face shape. Which one of your features best do you like?

While we may nothing like to admit it, we all love and hate certain aspects of ourselves. Thankfully, makeup can help us enhance our favorite features and hide our least favored ones. So, which one of your features is your favorite? What color are your eyes? A complete lot of individuals wish that they had blue eyes, however, it is critical to be happy with what you have.

Luckily, there are great makeup looks for every type of eyesight colour, so in reality, you’re not really really missing out. So, what color are your eye? What color is nice hair? Your hair colour can influence the type of eyeshadows you use greatly. So with this thought, we’ve decided that it is appropriate to ask you about your present hair colour. After all, you are wished by us to look your better!

Which makeup look do you prefer best? Isn’t it time to play another game of hot or not? If so, then get ready to choose between the two following makeup looks. If both these appeal to you, choose the one that you would often use most. Which celebrity makeup look do you like? A lot of us draw our makeup inspirations from our favourite celebrities, which explains why this type of question is so needed. Both these superstars are rocking their current looks, but surely, there’s one which you prefer. So, which is it? What color are your preferred heels? Do you wear heels a lot?

If so, you almost certainly have a crazy footwear selection at home. If you’re a female who works in an office and loves to go out, you’re going to need a good variety of heels. How often do you go out clubbing with your friends? There are two types of individuals in this global world; those who go clubbing and those who don’t. So, which are you?

If you enjoy dating friends on the weekend and dancing, then surely you’re a enthusiast of the club-life. Which superstar makeup collection is your preferred? Are you the type of person who prefers keeping up with the latest trends? If so, you’re probably fond of checking out some celebrity makeup lines. Both these makeup lines are a great success.

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So, which would you choose to invest in? On a night out with your women What do you wear? So it is Friday night and you are getting all set go out with the girls. You are looking through your clothing options but aren’t sure what to wear. To assist you, we’ve compiled a summary of traditional looks.

These looks are numbered from still left to right. Which of the next shoe options do you utilize most? Every lifestyle calls for different footwear options, which explains why all women have a good variety of shoe styles. Daily life Throughout your, which kind of shoes do you find yourself wearing the most? Each day How much time can it take you to get ready?

Depending on how fancy your office is, in the morning you might need to wake up extra early to ready. Hopefully, this is not the case however, as that’s just exhausting! So, each day how enough time should you get ready? If you had to choose between having your hair done, wearing makeup, and wearing nice clothing, which would you choose? Now, imagine for another you had to walk into work this real way. Would your choice still be the same?