Beauty Practices, Products And Philosophy: June 2019

Illamasqua’s latest addition with their coveted basis range, Skin Base Foundation, is a traditional western approach to the ever-expanding market of Asian BB Creams. Designed to be a one stop look for skin perfection, Skin Base works as primer, base and concealer with skin care advantages to boot! One major innovation that Illamasqua has brought to the realm of BB creams is an impressive shade range. While BB creams notoriously come in simply a few tones (most suitable to light-medium skin tones) Skin Base Foundation will come in a variety of 18 shades, from 100 % pure white to a deep, neutral ebony.

Yesterday I had been thrilled to discover a little black envelope in my mail with 3 tones of the new Skin Base Foundations to test. I’ll be wearing them a little more before I render my final judgement, but also for now, below are a few swatches to offer a concept of what the buzz is focused on!

From remaining to right (starting with underneath most color) these are shades 04 (Yellow/Pink Undertone), 03 (Yellow Undertone) and 02 (Pink Undertone). These, in case you can’t tell, are swatched and unblended heavily. The magic with these is the ease in blending- the undertones are much more subtle when applied normally than they try this photo. For instance, despite 02’s red undertones, when blended it’s a great match for my reasonable neutral skin.

I can’t say whether I’ve noticed any real changes though, I don’t think it’s well worth the price. I have a few extras from Ipsy to go through which will be fun to use. HydroPeptide Exfoliating Cleanser- This is such a nice cleanser! It scrubbed without being too rough on your skin. I would use this one after work or a busy day and oftentimes I’d alternate days as well to don’t be too rough on my skin.

I was actually sad to see it go. 26, I do think it might be worth it since I only used it maybe once each day or almost every other and it could last a while. Olehenriksen Sheer Transformation Facial Creme- I don’t know easily layered this too heavy or what, but I felt like it was only good as a nighttime cream.

It was too thick for daytime but I still had to level my face oils and sleeping masks on top of it. I just didn’t find it very flexible or anything that was spectacularly stand-out valuable. Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy- I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again now, I don’t understand the hype on these. Every right time I use one, they break near the end.

They don’t absorb well and sort of glide around weirdly on my lips. WHILE I was having chapped lips in California chilly back, it did assist with the burning, but it required a good 5 minutes to feel anything. I’ll use the minis I have from Sephora, but I would never choose the full-size. Manyo Factory Galactomist- I used this spray following the gym instead of a toner.

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It was fine, smelled a little odd, but nothing that wasn’t covered by a light moisturizer. I really believe I received this in a Korean Skincare Box years back so maybe the smell was a little odd from trying to finish it up after forgetting about any of it. Nothing to send a letter home about!

Once we convert 50, it’s important to keep with your daily anti-ageing routine and you may start to use a heavier moisturiser to include hydration. I’ve released a forward thinking Bee Peel which really helps to boost collagen production and boost the strength and elasticity of your skin. The organic coconut and organic cane sugar helps to resurface and balance out complexion, and minimises the presence of lines, scars, dark spots, blemishes and enlarged pores to leave your complexion feeling more and smoother plumped.

Apply to completely clean, dry pores and skin and leave for you to two minutes before cleaning off. You can also utilize it to soften tough skin on your elbows and heels. Skin can also look slightly waxy and tends to develop dry patches and redness during the menopause, so sage leaf tablets and extra cleansing can help also.