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I’m not just a computer/linux/computational chemistry expert – the goal of this project is really as much to learn how to go about setting up a cluster, as getting a useful computational tool. First, the hardware – the idea was to get something cheap fairly, but also reasonably useful. I ordered from Newegg, and everything the right parts arrived after three days, as promised.

I already acquired two SATA hard drives, and two IDE CD ROM drives, in addition to two IDE/PATA wires. Assembling the two systems was easy, though it was the very first time I had developed done anything more complicated than installing a RAM stick or changing a difficult drive. I’m not particularly good with my hands, so that says something really. 2. Next the heatsink/enthusiast was fitted.

The heatsink showed up with an easy coating of thermal grease already applied. While it’s difficult to see whether the heatsink was in perfect position on the CPU, I did so my best and everything went well. 3. The RAM memory space was installed. 1. The PSU was installed – nothing complicated. Just four screws to attach the PSU to the situation.

2. The motherboard panel at the back of the case didn’t fit my mobo, therefore I installed one which came in the motherboard box. 3. The brass spacers that came with the situation were mounted on the wall of the situation. The spacers are for the motor to rest on. Unless you install them the most won’t align with the opportunities behind the situation, so there’s little risk that you’ll forget to get this done.

4. A CD drive (IDE) and a harddrive (SATA) were installed, but not connected. 1. The motherboard was mounted on the case by resting it on the brass spacers and aligning the holes in the mobo, attaching the motor with screws then. 2. All the cables linked to the case were labeled clearly, as were the related contacts on the motherboard, so it was a matter of matching one to the other just.

4. The data cable connection that came with the case was used for connecting the motherboard with the harddrive. I had several IDE cables around and used it to connect the CD ROM drive to the motherboard. One system was installed by booting from a Ubuntu 10.10 64 CD and the other by booting from an USB stick ready using usb-creator-gtk. I chose full installs.

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