I’ve Slightly Altered The Color Scheme

If you’ve read this website for any time frame, you probably understand how much I like to depot eyeshadows and make custom palettes. Among the reasons I’m not the biggest fan of the current marketing development of trying to convince consumers to buy more and more is basically because it is all predicated on novelty.

And, as we all know, the novelty wears off fairly quick. But with custom palettes, novelty doesn’t matter. Because once that wears off, I can dismantle the old palette and make a fresh one just. I’m often in flux with my custom palettes. As much as I cherished this palette, I felt like it was still a bit too warm to really feel just like the show and become a perfect cool-toned palette.

I got always wanted to include some smoky, cool shades, but I just didn’t have any in my own collection. So, I purchased some new singles lately specifically to fill up this void actually. To say that I really like this new version of the palette is an understatement. It is thought by me is such a perfect cool-toned palette, and had something similar to this been created by a brand name, I would have purchased it absolutely. 130, this palette is mostly repurposed from shadows I already owned. I’ve updated/changed most of my custom palettes, so I thought maybe it’s fun to share where my custom palettes currently stand (knowing that these configurations are just ever-temporary).

This was a favorite palette for a long time, but I didn’t use it much last year. This was generally because I wasn’t as interested in creating red eyeshadow appears (I would have burnt myself out with this in 2017) and because it was mainly a companion palette, and I just don’t reach for those frequently. I’ve included a few of my favorite shimmer shadows to use with the “peachy” mattes and removed the shades that didn’t get as much use from me.

I think this now has a really great balance of surface finishes and tones, and it has reinvigorated my wish to utilize it. I’ve slightly modified the color scheme, but not in virtually any substantial way. My feelings on the initial palette by Makeup Revolution never have changed (it was my biggest fail of the entire 12 months), and neither has my love of Emily’s color selection. I still think she curated an excellent color system, and I’m so pleased that my collection could mostly duplicate the tones. And I’ve incorporated other complementary tones.

I love to take a look at so many duochromes all in a single place, and I quite like the selection of matte shadows as well. I think this has a great color structure while still being mostly neutral really. The Safari dupe is available in the first three columns, excluding the fourth row. I had been finally brave enough to depot my much loved Viseart Dark Matte palette, and I couldn’t be happier that I did. Dark Matte was the main one Viseart palette I could never bring myself to depot, but, much like my duped Peachy Matte palette, I found that I wasn’t utilizing it because it wasn’t reported.

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I cannot communicate how thrilled I am about this custom palette. Much like my Schitt’s Creek palette, if this was a palette a brand would have created, I’d have purchased it. If you ask me, this palette seems unique, which is hard to do when the makeup community is as saturated as it is.

But I love the earth tones in this palette, and I think it is uplifting quite. What’s even more exciting is that palette gives me all the excitement of a new purchase, but they are all shadows I’ve owned for some time. On top of that, I purchased a fresh palette recently, and I haven’t even used it yet because that one has been too fascinating. So, that’s it for this post. I just wished to show my “new” custom palettes. In a real way, I suppose this is like a haul, because many of these feel like new products to me, but it’s more of a “shop my collection” post.

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