The Impact Of Higher Labor Costs

“I’m not in the food business- I’m in the human resources business”. That was a comment designed to me by a McDonalds franchise owner 10 years back. The comment has trapped with me. Junk food restaurants have constant turnover in staff. That presssing issues takes a huge investment in hiring, training, analyzing- and sometimes firing- personnel.

So what happens economically when you boost the hourly rate of pay across the board? Click for a free trial here. McDonalds announced an hourly rate increase for its workers recently. As mentioned here, the raise only applies to the 1,500 McDonald’s-owned restaurants in the US. The raise does not connect with franchise-owned stores, which will make up 90% of the restaurants and the majority of the workforce in america.

In a franchise, an investor- referred to as a franchisee- purchases the to use the McDonalds brand and operate a restaurant for a period of years. Page 45 of the McDonald’s 2013 Annual Report explains the arrangement. The franchisee pays an initial fee and annual royalties, predicated on a share of sales.

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So, your royalties are an additional expenditure on the franchisee’s income statement. The contract is normally in effect for 20 years. McDonalds defines margins as sales less operating costs. In 2013, company-owner restaurants noticed a 2% decrease in margins, due partly to higher labor costs. 9.01 presently.” To keep things simple, call it an 11% increase in labor costs. Consider the impact of this increase on the financials. The firm’s 2013 consolidated income statement claims that payroll and employee benefits account are 17% of sales.

Now, this statement includes both franchise-owned and company-owned stores. This line item includes wages for management- as well as benefit costs that are not payroll. But you are given by the schedule a sense of how a lot of each sales dollar will go toward paying employees. 10), the entire line item of payroll and employee benefits increases by the same percentage.

Payroll and worker benefits would increase to 19% of sales. Again, not just a perfect assessment- but you get the theory. A restaurant would spend 2% more of every sales dollar on employee costs. Higher payroll costs affect cash flow. If your costs increase by 2%, you will need 2% more money every two weeks to make payroll- the rest being the same. Rather than plowing 2% of your cash generation into business growth, you have to use it for payroll. All this is food for thought. Carefully consider the long-term impact of the pay scale increase on your cash and profitability stream.

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