Theworldaccordingtoeggface: Life After Weight Loss Surgery Q & A

One post-op’s thoughts on life after weight loss surgery. Answer: “Are you sure you want to risk dying?” Well hmmm isn’t that what I’m doing now. A slow suicide by fork and knife. A lifelong battle with obesity that NEVER ends even when I reached the goal. I consider weight loss surgery to be always a head start.

The MAJOR change I had a need to physically be able to get energetic again and get rid of the illnesses (Severe Sleep Apnea, High BLOOD CIRCULATION PRESSURE, severe GERD) that were killing me. They can ask questions and put their doubts to help ease hopefully. Let them meet REAL people who have had surgery. Send them to my blog.

Show them the real stats on problem and mortality rates of bariatric surgical treatments. These are in-line with complication and mortality rates of pretty much every kind of surgery performed. 5 it’s a “friend of a pal at work’s second cousin’s hairstylist” and they won’t be in a position to get you that info.

Sometimes it is a little jealousy. Pinterest web page to see what food can be done after surgery. It is darn tasty pretty. Some foods you may not again eat. They might not agree with you, your Dr. may suggest against them or in my case I choose not to eat a few foods.

Now excess epidermis is a reality and it’s not quite. Make serenity with it or make plans for getting gone it. They can always donate to your plastic surgery fund if they’re soooo concerned about your excess skin issues. Sometimes friends and family come around when they start to see the health benefits and AWESOME changes in you BUT sometimes they don’t really. New supportive friends are out there.

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During the late 1920’s in Tuscaloosa, AL the highest education that was designed for my grandmother to achieve was a 6th & 7th quality education. She was 19 years old in the 7th grade at Stillman Institute training to be always a maid. This is the same Stillman College, which today is a Historical Black College.

I believe that this nourishment education has blessed her with a healthy body and an extended life. She has taught me how to read a grocery store sales paper, budget, plan, shop, and cook healthy meals. This knowledge combined with my international background of cooking and residing in France, Belgium, Venezuela, Argentina, and Turkey have given me an easy understanding of healthy formulas from round the world. I am a great cook that has been practicing my skills for 25 years.