First Federal Savings Bank Or Investment Company (Ottawa, IL)

First Fed Insurance Agency, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of First Federal Savings Bank or investment company in Ottawa, Illinois. Established in 1985, our insurance company offers multi-line personal and commercial insurance: Life and Health, and Casualty and Property. Whatever your insurance needs, we can help. We can be found to work with you as well as your accountant, attorney, and other specialists with your financial planning, retirement planning, or estate planning. We can assist business men and women with your own personal, professional, or corporate insurance needs.

We can discuss your insurance needs in virtually any of our 12 bank or investment company locations, or at your house or home of business. You decide the time and location. Make sure to and your family are safeguarded in case of a catastrophe properly. Life insurance provides the financial protection to family members in the event of an untimely death. Health insurance provides for the payment of doctor and hospital expenses credited to severe care needs; and nursing home, assisted living, or home health bills due to long-term care needs.

Take advantage of the countless life and medical health insurance products provided by First Fed INSURANCE COMPANY, INC. Purchasing insurance provides you not only security but satisfaction for pennies on the buck. Individuals and businesses purchase property and casualty insurance to safeguard their property against financial loss. Is your business or home property protected against the ravages of fire, wind, snow, or hail?

Is your car, truck, boat, or snowmobile safeguarded in the event of an incident or robbery? Peace of mind can be yours by firmly taking benefit of life and/or disability insurance when you obtain a fresh mortgage or installment loan initially Federal Savings Bank. Talk to your loan officer about insurance protection you may use to pay your loan in the event of death or impairment.

Government should be there with a back stop, but it cannot and really should not do this job alone. If Americans want to live literally one-third of their lives in retirement with good medical care and a comfortable standard of living, they must take more of the responsibility to their own hands.

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And our taxes, medical care insurance, and entitlement policies should be geared toward offering more choices and more bonuses for private retirement and health-care savings. Third, we must understand the critical role that financial growth performs in supporting the nation’s cultural safety net. Entitlements are one of the few problems that growth alone cannot solve.

But it absolutely sure would help. Without faster, stronger, and sustained economic growth, and job creation, nothing of the fixes we can consider can work ever. Now, you may be wondering why after talking about this menu of options the Chamber doesn’t just explain what we think will be the right choices.