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Clarke hit the jackpot when he joined up with Marshall Wace in 2001 after graduating from Oxford. Yr He was made a partner last. Wace, a former head of trading at SG Warburg. The two designed the Tops, or Trade Optimized Portfolio System, in 2001 to analyze the recommendations from sales traders at investment-banking institutions. 1bn when it opened the European Tops finance to new investors. Hard to evaluate. The question is whether he shall hang in there at Marshall Wace or sit up by himself.

Sunitinib and pazopanib are shedding market talk about in terms of TRx as axitinib share increases. We continue to be urged that CABOMETYX TRx grew by 6% in Q2 and keep maintaining the best TKI market talk about of 34% while the other TKIs lost ground to axitinib. Internal general market trends signify that CABOMETYX first line market share continues steadily to remain stable in Q2.

CABOMETYX is well situated to be the treating choice for patients who progress on nivo-ipi or pembro-axi. As much of you know, the CheckMate 459 frontline nivolumab versus sorafenib trial run by Bristol-Myers Squibb had not been positive and this result likely delays the intro of ICI treatments in to the first collection HCC environment.

Future enlargement of the HCC market will likely be driven by mixture therapies being examined in the first-line setting pending positive data and regulatory approvals in the coming years. There are various regions of significant unmet medical need and solid tumor oncology that symbolize potential future commercial opportunities for CABOMETYX.

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Furthermore, prostate cancer represents a significant commercial opportunity as novel hormonal remedies move up into the castration-sensitive setting and leave a void in the castration-resistant setting. Similarly, non-small cell lung cancers in patients who have progressed on an ICI containing program also need better options to control their disease. As Gisela pointed out, we’re excited to see the expansion of an extended and prostate tumor cohorts in the COSMIC-021 trial.

The market research we have conducted in both lung and prostate cancer indicates these malignancies have the potential to be significant future commercial opportunities for Cabo. We are happy with the results of Q2 and highly believe that a lot more eligible patients could benefit from CABOMETYX. CABOMETYX remains the main recommended TKI in RCC and we anticipate building on this momentum in RCC, HCC, and other potential future indications as the cabozantinib development program advances and expands.