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I’m utilizing Grand Central now. To this point, so good. Like most Google products it is simple to arrange, and the interface is intuitive. I recommend attempting it out. I like the thought, however the present implementation is somewhat tough for use on a mobile. After you reply a call, it’s a must to hit 1 to actually have the decision put via. Not cool when answering from a wireless headset or a smart phone with no hardware keypad. Also, it takes longer to get the call via to a cellular line than a land line apparently so I might only get one ring earlier than the decision is redirected to Grand Central voicemail.

Signs of active development had been dead for about a year, but there are guarantees of huge things coming soon. I’m a fan of GrandCentral and use it as an increasing number of, but have points with echos and delays all the time. Also, typically people get my caller ID as being from California VS where I actually am in Vermont. I wish they’d make the investment and get real caller ID, rather than just caller ID out of my tackle a book. That said, I’d pay for the service in a heartbeat.

I’ve been utilizing it since before the acquisition, and that i generally prefer it so much. I have not had high voice quality or connectivity problems, however I’ve had a hard time convincing people to make use of my GrandCentral quantity. I just like the service. One different thought — I used to be frightened that GC could be one other dodgeball state of affairs (where Google apparently buys one thing to shut it), as the GrandCentral blog has been fairly dead since the acquisition.

The addition final week of the ability for 2 peoples’ accounts to ring the same residence cellphone and now this with blogger give me great consolation that GC is actively being developed. Google promised that GrandCentral will be added to Google Apps, however I do not assume it must be a separate service.

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In case you limit its use to those that own their own domain names the potential customer base goes approach down. I really think that they should end the sharp distinction between Google Apps and the remainder of their choices. With Google Apps I can have a default firm “Start” web page, and simpler sharing of contacts and calendars.

I would fortunately hand over my generic Gmail ID if I might get to all Google providers, now and sooner or later, using my Aps login-id. The confounding of cookies for the Aps a non-Aps companies on any given PC is an actual turn-off. And the fact that they’re sustaining multiple units of features for Gmail, Web pages, IG, and little question different things is a waste of assets on their part. You simply cannot adequately explain to Joe the construction worker that he has to sign on with a company ID to do some issues but will even have to take care of a generic Gmail ID to do different things.

I love Grand Central, however am not fairly to the purpose of using it as my primary contact number (which I’d wish to do ultimately). I agree with a few of the earlier posts about the difficulty answering calls etc. I also did not know that you would now direct two-GC IDs to the identical phone (that may be a should-have).

Any signal of this coming to the UK? Anyone know a way to make it think you’re within the US? Like browser locale altering? I just signed up! Just signed up. We not too long ago moved and have not gotten round to switching to an area cell quantity. Now we do not should. The features seem great, but I have never tried them out but.