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1. A story not protected in the application elsewhere. Whatever experience or accomplishment you mention, it should not be linked to something else in your application directly. This will be easy, considering that it surely wouldn’t normally be covered in Essay 1 and the only other options are the resume and application form.

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Since you are not seeing the suggestions, no way that you can know what is within them but it is surely wii idea for a recommender to go over the topic you would be writing about here. Interpersonal accomplishments related to mentoring or leading others, pre-university accomplishments highly personal accomplishments could all be possible topics. Certainly many personal learning encounters would be beyond anything covered in the rest of the application. The key issue is finding a story that included you are learning something that learning itself must be the basis for a good contribution(s) at Wharton.

2. One Story with Distinct Contribution(s). You must focus on a single story. It is possible that the story plot will show multiple methods for you to donate to Wharton or might only concentrate on one way. Contributions are, at their center, selling points based on something. 3. A whole story where you discovered something.

One requirement for this essay would be that the contributions are predicated on something you discovered from the knowledge or fulfillment. Learning means discovering something new about yourself, other folks and/or the global world. It is about gaining a new perspective, insight into to how things work, becoming more mature possibly. It is about growth. BEWARE OF FALSE LEARNING: False learning is any situation when you reveal that you discovered something but actually it was something that you already understood or others will probably assume that you know. False learning tends to undermine the credibility of the applicant in conditions of their honesty and intelligence. It is thus best avoided.

To avoid it, simply ask yourself whether you truly learned something new and weren’t merely apparent or the type of thing you have discovered while in kindergarten or soon thereafter. Think about how an experience changed the way you approach problems or people, perhaps your attitude, and/or beliefs. REAL LEARNING happens either as something one figures out during an activity or after reflecting onto it. 4. How will what you discovered contribute to the Wharton community? One of the chief functions of the MBA admissions committee is to choose people who’ll add value to the community.

Explain how you have shown on the previous decision about the application, and discuss any improvements to your candidacy (e.g., changes in your professional life, additional coursework, extracurricular/volunteer engagements). First-time applicants may also use this section to address any extenuating circumstances. First-time applicants may also utilize this section to address any extenuating circumstances.